Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593 to the Dev and Beta Channels.


  • We’ve received a lot of feedback from Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel about the desktop watermark. It is normal to see this watermark on your desktop after updating to the latest pre-release builds. It does not change the licensing of your device. But please note that these are pre-release builds that do expire so it’s important for you to stay up to date with the latest builds we’re releasing.
  • This build includes only a handful of changes and improvements but includes a good set of fixes that will improve Insider’s overall experience on their device.
  • We also added some new known issues so please read below as they may affect you.

Changes and Improvements


  • [REMINDER] As described in our in our blog post here, Windows Insiders who use the Dev Channel may get to try out new ideas, longer lead features, and experiences that may never get released. In this build, a limited set of Insiders will see the first of these experimental features as we explore additional ways to help people discover and get quick access to content they care about on the web with the Windows search box. If you see some of these concepts, be sure to let us know what you think via Feedback Hub (Win + F) and choose category Desktop Environment > Search.
  • Updated WIN + X so that if Windows Terminal is installed the menu will include an entry for Terminal, and in cases where Windows Terminal is uninstalled it will display Windows PowerShell.

[File Explorer]

  • The default homepage of File Explorer is now called Home. The name Quick access has been repurposed for the pinned/frequent folders section and Pinned files is now called Favorites to align with Office and OneDrive.
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593-LaokNas网络技术笔记
  • Recent and pinned files displayed in Home are now searchable using the search box in File Explorer even if they are not local files, so you can find Office files recently shared with you.


  • Microsoft Journal is now pinned by default on the Pen menu. If you don’t have the app installed, it will be installed from the Microsoft Store if chosen on the Pen menu.
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593-LaokNas网络技术笔记


  • If you press WIN + Z to open snap layouts, all the layouts will now show associated numbers, so you can quickly use the number keys to select the desired layout.


  • Added 5-minute increments for everything under a half hour to focus session length options.

[Windows Security]

  • Memory integrity is a feature in Windows 11 designed to prevent attacks from inserting malicious code into high-security processes. This feature can be found in Windows Security under Device Security > Core isolation. In the most recent Insider Preview builds, we will notify the user that this feature is currently turned off so that action can be taken for the user to turn it back on so that their device is as secure as possible against malicious attacks.
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593-LaokNas网络技术笔记


  • Updated the ADLaM keyboard layout to add access to brackets and ADLaM Hamza. To access these:
    • Right Alt + \ will now input »
    • Right Alt + | will now input «
    • Right Alt + Shift + [ will now input {
    • Right Alt + Shift + ] will now input }
    • Ctrl + Shift + ; will now input the Hamza character
  • Updated the Pashto keyboard layout so that ې and ئ are now directly accessible on the keyboard. Accessing ظ and ط is now done by holding Shift and pressing the aforementioned letters, respectively.



  • Fixed a few more issues impacting explorer.exe reliability in recent flights.


  • Fixed an issue where app icons were unexpectedly animating in from the upper left when launching a new app.
  • Improved the performance of rearranging taskbar icons.
  • Addressed an issue in the previous flight leading to duplicate app icons after closing and re-opening an app.
  • If you have a lot of apps open, the icons shouldn’t overlap the date and time on your secondary monitors anymore.
  • Taskbar will no longer disappear when you enter search over a full screen window.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing icon spacing to invert so that it was large when it should be small and vice versa when switching in and out of the tablet-optimized taskbar.
  • Tablet-optimized taskbar will now stay visible over full screen apps when expanded and only hide when you collapse it.
  • If you have multiple keyboards for your current language, the input indicator will now only show one row of text when the tablet-optimized taskbar is in a collapsed state, so that it doesn’t get clipped.
  • Fixed a crash that was causing taskbar to get stuck in the tablet-optimized taskbar view.
  • Settings will now remember your taskbar’s auto-hide setting more consistently.
  • Mitigated an issue where some app icons in the system tray which were expected to flash weren’t doing that.
  • Fixed an issue causing system tray icons to get stuck there even after you closed the application.
  • Made a fix for an issue where some mouse move events weren’t being passed to apps for icons in the system tray. [UPDATE 4/7] This issue is not yet fixed and has been moved to known issues below.
  • Addressed an issue leading to a decrease in Notification Center launch reliability in recent flights.
  • Mitigated an issue causing the Notification Center and its context to sometimes show the wrong color text for the system’s theme, making it unreadable.
  • Updated the names of some of the months in the Simplified and Traditional Chinese lunar calendar to be more accurate.

[Start menu]

  • Updated the design of the folders in Start so that they’re a little bigger, making it easier to see the app icons highlighted within the folder without having to open it.
  • Fixed an issue where if you created a folder in Start in the same position as a deleted folder, it would show the old name.
  • If you tab into naming a folder in Start with your keyboard, you can now tab back out instead of having to hit Esc.
  • Fixed an issue where when using the keyboard to select options following WIN + X didn’t work. And dismissing WIN + X should be more consistent now.
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt wasn’t coming to the front when launching Windows Terminal as an admin from Start’s right-click context menu (WIN + X).
  • The search icon in the taskbar should no longer unexpectedly flash when closing the Start menu.


  • Made some improvements to help with search indexer thread and memory usage for users with a very high number of indexed items.
  • Fixed an issue impacting search reliability (where you would type into the search window or Start and nothing would happen) in recent flights.
  • Made another fix to help address an issue where the search searches flyout could get stuck on the screen in a transparent area.

[File Explorer]

  • Improved performance of loading Home in File Explorer.
  • Fixed a scaling issue where the context menu could be an unexpected size when invoking it on systems with mixed DPI monitors.
  • Addressed an issue where the Show More Options entry in the context menu wasn’t working for items in File Explorer’s navigation pane (for example, if you were to right click on This PC).
  • Did some work to help reduce the chance you will see “Loading” for app entries in the context menu.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the “Open in Windows Terminal” context menu option to be unexpectedly missing for secondary users in some cases.
  • Opening suggested results shown while entering search terms in File Explorer’s search box should now work as expected.
  • Mitigated an underlying issue leading to the address bar being inaccessible in certain cases.
  • Mitigated an issue leading to increased launch time for certain file types in the previous flight.


  • We fixed the issue where sometimes when pinning from the Feed, the pinned widget is placed at the top instead of below other pinned widgets.
  • We fixed the issue where after rearranging widgets in the widgets board, some users experience problems with widgets in the pinned section rendering incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue preventing several input UI surfaces from displaying following explorer.exe crashes in recent flights – this included the emoji panel, candidate windows, clipboard history, and the touch keyboard.
  • Mitigated an issue where Narrator was silent when launching the emoji panel in certain cases, for example if the search box wasn’t displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing custom theme changes in Settings > Personalization > Text input to not save properly sometimes.
  • Addressed a few more color issues with the touch keyboard, including where after changing from dark to light mode, the touch keyboard might end up with a mix of dark and light.
  • Updated the touch keyboard button so that pressing it always shows the touch keyboard, rather than hiding it if it’s visible.
  • Returned the Backspace key to the touch keyboard’s small layout when using Chinese (Traditional).
  • Improved reliability of launching the touch keyboard on the login screen.
  • You should be able to use the Japanese IME’s context menu on the login screen to change conversion mode now.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chinese (Traditional) IMEs were only showing 5 suggested associated phrases when they should have been showing 9.
  • Fixed an issue where if you’d set a custom background image under Settings > Personalization > Text Input, the preview wouldn’t show how it looked in the candidate window for Chinese (Simplified).
  • Addressed a rendering issue with the corners of the IME toolbar.
  • Fixed an issue where the IME toolbar wasn’t hiding and showing correctly when using the previous version of the Japanese IME.
  • Improved voice typing reliability.
  • Updated voice typing error message “Voice typing is limited on this app” to be “Some voice typing features might not work in this app”, so it’s a little clearer that basic voice typing will still work.
  • Fixed an issue causing some voice typing commands not to work, for example “scratch that” (刮除它) in Chinese (Simplified).
  • Addressed an issue where the setting “Disable Touch while using Pen” under Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Pen & Windows Ink would arbitrarily not take effect sometimes on first boot in recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Get-InstalledLanguage and Install-Language PowerShell commands to unexpectedly fail with error 0x8007023E for some languages.


  • If keyboard focus is on the chevron for a collapsible region on a Settings page, for example, the Snap windows section under System > Multitasking, you can now use the left and right arrows to expand and collapse the area.
  • Fixed an issue impacting reliability of System > Power & Battery.
  • When using the custom color picker on Personalization > Colors now, it should appear centered in the window frame and not randomly off to the side.
  • Setting your background image fit to “fit” under Personalization > Background should no longer cause the background image preview to become a solid color.
  • Addressed another issue that could cause Windows Spotlight to unexpectedly stop updating for a prolonged period of time.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Settings app to crash when going to focus settings.
  • Fixed an issue that was letting keyboard focus go to elements in the contrast theme previews in Accessibility > Contrast Themes that you couldn’t interact with.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the contrast themes editor in Settings by selecting the breadcrumbs would clear the dropdown selection, but the buttons were still acting as if you had a theme selected.
  • Updated the text description for voice typing under Accessibility > Speech to make more sense when using the Japanese display language.
  • Addressed an issue that was preventing Quick Settings from launching with its new touch gesture.
  • Quick Settings will now show the correct icon to represent your audio output device again.


  • Mitigated an issue which could lead to explorer.exe crashes when using ALT + Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard focus outline in ALT + Tab sometimes was smaller than the displayed thumbnail.
  • Addressed an underlying DWM issue which was leading to crashes when using touch gestures from the sides of the screen.
  • Fixed a DWM crash when rotating the screen.
  • Mitigated an issue leading to some lag when resizing two apps snapped side by side in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where snap assist could unexpectedly dismiss if the initial window wouldn’t fit into the selected zone size. Now we resize the snap assist regions accordingly when minimum window size of the initial snapped window is larger than the selected zone.
  • If you invoke Task View with touch, the close buttons should no longer overlap with the window titles.
  • Hovering your mouse over the tooltip with the Desktop’s name will no longer unexpectedly make the Desktops flyout dismiss.
  • Using drag and drop to reorder your Desktops via the Desktop flyout should no longer leave a thumbnail of the Desktop you moved stuck on the screen.

[Voice access]

  • Fixed a crash that was impacting voice access reliability.
  • Addressed an issue that was preventing voice access’s speech models from downloading correctly.

[Live captions]

  • Addressed an underlying issue leading to live captions showing a download error, even though the download had actually completed successfully.
  • Live captions will now remember your chosen settings for position across sessions.
  • Mitigated an issue where the live captions position changed to floating when entering full screen, but the settings incorrectly showed the last position still.
  • Removed the live captions notification about audio playing from multiple apps as it was popping up repeatedly during usage.
  • The border of the live captions window will now match the style of all other borders in contrast themes.


  • We fixed the issue that was causing natural voices to break up sporadically in recent builds.
  • Narrator will now read out the word minutes with the duration times listed in Settings for focus options.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Narrator to read dialog buttons incorrectly in scan mode.

[Task Manager]

  • Removed backplate (colored square) from UWP app icons were displayed in Task Manager.
  • Mitigated an issue where the one side of the View button did not appear to do anything.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the real time update speed to get set to Paused on its own. Please note, if you were impacted by this, you will need to make a one-time change to set the setting back to your preferred update speed after upgrading to this build.


  • Mitigated an issue which was leading to a black (albeit interactable) screen when playing certain full screen games with Auto HDR enabled.
  • Fixed a memory leak in Connected Devices Platform User Service.
  • The volume and brightness flyouts you get when using your hardware keys will no longer show a focus window outline on top of them.
  • If WIN + Alt + K is pressed when a supported app isn’t running, the pop-up text displayed will now say “No supported apps in use for mic mute”, instead of “Mic mute unavailable”, so it’s clearer.
  • Addressed an issue which was leading to unexpected errors being displayed in Event Viewer when conhost.exe was activated.

NOTE: Some fixes noted here in Insider Preview builds from the active development branch may make their way into the servicing updates for the released version of Windows 11 that became generally available on October 5th, 2021.

Known issues


  • We will not be offering new builds to Windows Insiders in China on Lenovo PCs.
  • Windows Insiders running Windows 10 who join the Dev or Beta Channels to get the latest builds may encounter a download error code 0xc8000402 while trying to download the latest build. As a workaround, please join the Release Preview Channel first, install Windows 11 from there (Build 22000.xxxx), and then switch to the Dev or Beta Channel to receive the latest Insider Preview build. This issue is understood and will be fixed in an upcoming build.
  • We’re investigating reports that a few Insiders have been experiencing an issue where explorer.exe is crashing repeatedly in a loop in the latest builds and unable to successfully load. This build includes a mitigation that may help some Insiders who were experiencing this.
  • When opening Group Policy editor, an Administrative Template error will pop up. Click “Ok” to dismiss and continue using Group Policy editor normally.
  • Devices using Windows Information Protection (formerly EDP) policies will not be able to access controlled data via protected apps such as Outlook, Word, Microsoft Edge, etc. on this build. It is recommended that users temporarily pause updates under Settings > Windows Update until a new Insider Preview build is released with a fix. If you have installed Build 22593 already, you can roll back to the prior build to restore expected data access.


  • The taskbar doesn’t always automatically collapse after launching an app or tapping outside of the expanded taskbar on 2-in-1 devices.
  • Some areas of the OS are not yet tracking the height of the expanded taskbar on 2-in-1 devices so you may see overlapping components.
  • We’re working on fixing an issue where hovering over some app icons in the system tray isn’t showing previews or tooltips.
  • [ADDED 4/7] We are working to resolve an issue where some mouse move events are not being passed to apps for icons in the system tray.

[File Explorer]

  • We’re working on fixing issues regarding icon sizing, visual bugs, and text clipping in the flyout showing OneDrive storage.
  • [UPDATED 4/11] Using context menu options in File Explorer or on the desktop for rename, copy, paste, and delete may cause explorer.exe to crash when the context menu dismisses. As a workaround if you are impacted you will need to use other methods for the desired action, for example, pressing F2 to rename a selected file or folder.


  • The widgets board may not open successfully when using the gesture from the side of the screen. If you are impacted, please tap the Widgets icon in the taskbar for now instead.


  • We’re investigating reports from the previous flight of internet connectivity issues when certain VPNs are connected.

[Live captions]

  • Certain apps in full screen (e.g., video players) prevent live captions from being visible.
  • Certain apps positioned near the top of the screen and closed before live captions is run will re-launch behind the live captions window positioned at top. Use the system menu (ALT + Spacebar) while the app has focus to move the app’s window further down.
  • The very top of maximized apps (e.g., title bar window management buttons) can’t be reached with touch while live captions is positioned at the top.

For developers

You can download the latest Windows Insider SDK at

SDK NuGet packages are now also flighting at NuGet Gallery | WindowsSDK which include:

These NuGet packages provide more granular access to the SDK and better integrate in CI/CD pipelines.

About the Dev & Beta Channels [Updated!]

As a reminder, we are evolving the way we develop and release to Insiders with the Dev and Beta Channels now representing parallel development paths from our engineers. The Dev Channel will be a place where we will try out different concepts, incubate new ideas, and work on long lead items that may not get released to general customers. The Beta Channel will be the place we preview experiences that are closer to what we will ship to our general customers. However, this does not mean every feature we try out in the Beta Channel will ship. We encourage Insiders to read this blog post from last month that outlines the ways we’ll try things out with Insiders in the Dev and Beta Channels.

Now that the Dev and Beta Channels are receiving the same builds, the limited window has opened for Insiders to switch channels if you wish to do so by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program.
  2. Select Choose your Insider settings.
  3. Select Beta Channel.
  4. The next time you receive an update, it will be for your new channel.

IMPORTANT: This window will close once we release builds with higher build numbers to the Dev Channel. If your device stays on the Dev Channel and receives a build that is a higher build number than what is in the Beta Channel, you will have to do a clean installation of the released version of Windows 11 on your device to switch to the Beta Channel.

These aren’t always stable builds, and sometimes you will see issues that block key activities or require workarounds. It is important to make sure you read the known issues listed in our blog posts as we document many of these issues with each flight.

The desktop watermark you see at the lower right corner of your desktop is normal for these pre-release builds.

Important Insider Links

Amanda & Brandon


  • 我们在 Beta 版频道中收到了来自 Windows 预览体验成员的大量反馈,内容涉及桌面水印。更新到最新的预发布版本后,在桌面上看到此水印是正常的。它不会更改设备的许可。但请注意,这些是会过期的预发布版本,因此请务必及时了解我们发布的最新版本。
  • 此版本仅包含少量更改和改进,但包括一组很好的修复程序,这些修复程序将改善预览体验成员在其设备上的整体体验。
  • 我们还添加了一些新的已知问题,因此请阅读以下内容,因为它们可能会影响您。



  • [温馨提示]正如我们在这里的博客文章中所述,使用开发频道的 Windows 预览体验成员可能会尝试新的想法、更长的潜在客户功能以及可能永远不会发布的体验。在此版本中,一组有限的预览体验成员将看到这些实验性功能中的第一个,因为我们探索了其他方法,以帮助人们使用 Windows 搜索框在 Web 上发现并快速访问他们关心的内容。如果你看到其中一些概念,请务必通过反馈中心 (Win + F) 告诉我们你的想法,并选择“桌面环境”类别>搜索“。
  • 更新了WIN + X,因此如果安装了Windows Terminal,菜单将包含终端的条目,并且在卸载Windows Terminal的情况下,它将显示Windows PowerShell。


  • 文件资源管理器的默认主页现在称为“主页”。“快速访问”名称已重新用于固定/常用文件夹部分,固定文件现在称为“收藏夹”,以便与 Office 和 OneDrive 保持一致。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593-LaokNas网络技术笔记
  • 现在,可以使用文件资源管理器中的搜索框搜索“主页”中显示的最近和固定的文件,即使它们不是本地文件,您也可以找到最近与您共享的 Office 文件。


  • Microsoft 日记现在默认固定在“笔”菜单上。如果你没有安装该应用,则如果在“触控笔”菜单上选择了该应用,它将从 Microsoft Store 安装。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593-LaokNas网络技术笔记
日记是 Microsoft Garage 项目,现在默认固定在“笔”菜单上。


  • 如果按 WIN + Z 打开对齐布局,则所有布局现在都将显示关联的数字,因此您可以快速使用数字键选择所需的布局。


  • 为半小时内的所有内容添加了 5 分钟的增量,以集中会话长度选项。


  • 内存完整性是 Windows 11 中的一项功能,旨在防止攻击将恶意代码插入到高安全性进程中。此功能可以在 Windows 安全中心的“设备安全性”下的“设备安全>核心隔离”下找到。在最新的预览体验计划预览版中,我们将通知用户此功能当前已关闭,以便用户可以采取措施将其重新打开,以便其设备尽可能安全地抵御恶意攻击。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22593宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22593-LaokNas网络技术笔记
Windows Security 中的内存完整性。


  • 更新了 ADLaM 键盘布局,以添加对括号和 ADLaM Hamza 的访问权限。要访问这些内容,请执行以下操作:
    • 右 Alt + \ 现在将输入 »
    • 右 Alt + |现在将输入 «
    • 右 Alt + Shift + [ 现在将输入 {
    • 右 Alt + Shift + ] 现在将输入 }
    • Ctrl + Shift + ;现在将输入哈姆扎角色
  • 更新了普什图语键盘布局,以便现在可以在键盘上直接访问 ې 和 ئ。现在,通过按住 Shift 并分别按上述字母来完成访问 ظ 和 ط。



  • 修复了在最近飞行中影响资源管理器.exe可靠性的其他一些问题。


  • 修复了在启动新应用时应用图标从左上角意外动画化的问题。
  • 改进了重新排列任务栏图标的性能。
  • 解决了上一个版本在关闭并重新打开应用程序后导致应用程序图标重复的问题。
  • 如果你打开了大量应用,则图标不应再与辅助监视器上的日期和时间重叠。
  • 当您在全屏窗口中输入搜索时,任务栏将不再消失。
  • 修复了导致图标间距反转的问题,即在切换进出平板电脑优化的任务栏时,图标间距应该变大,反之亦然。
  • 平板电脑优化的任务栏现在在展开时将在全屏应用上保持可见,并且仅在折叠时隐藏。
  • 如果您有当前语言的多个键盘,则当平板电脑优化的任务栏处于折叠状态时,输入指示器现在将仅显示一行文本,以便它不会被剪切。
  • 修复了导致任务栏卡在平板电脑优化的任务栏视图中的崩溃问题。
  • 设置现在将更一致地记住任务栏的自动隐藏设置。
  • 缓解了系统托盘中某些预期会闪烁的应用图标无法执行此操作的问题。
  • 修复了导致系统托盘图标卡在那里的问题,即使您关闭了应用程序。
  • 修复了某些鼠标移动事件未传递到系统托盘中图标的应用的问题。[更新 4/7]此问题尚未修复,并已移至下面的已知问题。
  • 解决了导致通知中心在最近航班中的启动可靠性降低的问题。
  • 缓解了导致“通知中心”及其上下文有时为系统主题显示错误颜色文本的问题,使其无法读取。
  • 更新了简体和繁体中国农历中某些月份的名称,使其更加准确。


  • 更新了“开始”屏幕中文件夹的设计,使其稍大一些,从而可以更轻松地查看文件夹中突出显示的应用图标,而无需打开它。
  • 修复了以下问题:如果您在“开始”屏幕中创建的文件夹与已删除文件夹的位置相同,则会显示旧名称。
  • 如果使用键盘在“开始”屏幕中插入命名文件夹,则现在可以重新按 Tab 键,而不必按 Esc 键。
  • 修复了使用键盘选择 WIN + X 后面的选项时不起作用的问题。现在,忽略 WIN + X 应该更加一致。
  • 修复了从“开始”屏幕的右键单击上下文菜单 (WIN + X) 以管理员身份启动 Windows 终端时提示未出现在前面的问题。
  • 关闭“开始”菜单时,任务栏中的搜索图标应不再意外闪烁。


  • 进行了一些改进,以帮助索引项数量非常多的用户使用搜索索引器线程和内存。
  • 修复了影响最近航班中的搜索可靠性(在搜索窗口或“开始”中键入内容,则不会发生任何情况)的问题。
  • 进行了另一项修复,以帮助解决搜索搜索浮出控件可能卡在透明区域的屏幕上的问题。


  • 改进了在文件资源管理器中加载主页的性能。
  • 修复了在具有混合 DPI 监视器的系统上调用上下文菜单时上下文菜单可能意外大小的缩放问题。
  • 解决了上下文菜单中的“显示更多选项”条目对文件资源管理器导航窗格中的项目不起作用的问题(例如,如果要右键单击“这台电脑”)。
  • 做了一些工作,以帮助减少您在上下文菜单中看到应用程序条目“正在加载”的机会。
  • 修复了在某些情况下导致次要用户意外丢失“在 Windows 终端中打开”上下文菜单选项的问题。
  • 在文件资源管理器的搜索框中输入搜索词时打开显示的建议结果现在应按预期工作。
  • 缓解了导致在某些情况下无法访问地址栏的潜在问题。
  • 缓解了导致上一版本中某些文件类型的启动时间增加的问题。


  • 我们修复了有时从源固定时,固定的小部件放置在顶部而不是其他固定小部件下方的问题。
  • 我们修复了在小部件板中重新排列小部件后,某些用户在固定部分中遇到无法正确呈现小部件的问题。


  • 修复了阻止多个输入 UI 图面显示以下资源管理器的问题.exe最近航班中的崩溃 – 这包括表情符号面板、候选窗口、剪贴板历史记录和触摸键盘。
  • 缓解了在某些情况下(例如,如果未显示搜索框)在启动表情符号面板时“讲述人”静音的问题。
  • 修复了导致“设置”中的自定义主题更改>个性化>文本输入有时无法正确保存的问题。
  • 解决了触摸键盘的更多颜色问题,包括从深色模式更改为浅色模式后,触摸键盘最终可能会混合使用深色和浅色。
  • 更新了触摸键盘按钮,以便按下它始终显示触摸键盘,而不是在可见时将其隐藏。
  • 使用中文(繁体)时,已将 Backspace 键返回到触摸键盘的小布局。
  • 改进了在登录屏幕上启动触摸键盘的可靠性。
  • 现在,您应该能够使用登录屏幕上的日语 IME 上下文菜单来更改转换模式。
  • 修复了中文(繁体)IME 仅显示 5 个建议的关联短语而它们本应显示 9 个的问题。
  • 修复了以下问题:如果在“设置”>个性化“>文本输入”下设置自定义背景图像,预览将无法在中文(简体)候选窗口中显示其外观的问题。
  • 解决了 IME 工具栏角的呈现问题。
  • 修复了使用以前版本的日语 IME 时 IME 工具栏无法隐藏和正确显示的问题。
  • 改进了语音输入的可靠性。
  • 更新了语音键入错误消息“语音键入在此应用上受到限制”为“某些语音键入功能可能在此应用中不起作用”,因此基本语音键入仍可正常工作。
  • 修复了导致某些语音输入命令不起作用的问题,例如中文(简体)中的“刮除它”( 刮除它)。
  • 解决了“设置”下“使用触控笔时禁用触控笔”>设置>触控笔和 Windows Ink 在最近航班首次启动时有时不会任意生效的问题。
  • 修复了导致“获取安装语言”和“安装语言 PowerShell”命令意外失败并在某些语言中出现错误0x8007023E的问题。


  • 如果键盘焦点位于“设置”页面上可折叠区域的 V 形图标上(例如,“系统”>“多任务处理”下的“捕捉窗口”部分),则现在可以使用向左和向右箭头展开和折叠该区域。
  • 修复了影响系统>电源和电池可靠性的问题
  • 现在在“个性化”>颜色“上使用自定义颜色选取器时,它应显示在窗口框架的居中,而不是随机偏向一侧。
  • 在“个性化”下将背景图像设置为“适合”>背景不应再导致背景图像预览变为纯色。
  • 解决了可能导致 Windows 聚焦在很长一段时间内意外停止更新的另一个问题。
  • 修复了导致“设置”应用在转到焦点设置时崩溃的问题。
  • 修复了让键盘焦点转到辅助功能>对比度主题“中的对比度主题预览中您无法与之交互的元素的问题。
  • 修复了通过选择痕迹导航在“设置”中离开对比主题编辑器将清除下拉列表选择,但按钮仍然像选择了主题一样起作用的问题。
  • 更新了“辅助功能>语音”下语音键入的文本说明,以便在使用日语显示语言时更有意义。
  • 解决了阻止使用新的触摸手势启动“快速设置”的问题。
  • “快速设置”现在将显示正确的图标,以再次表示您的音频输出设备。


  • 缓解了在使用 ALT + Tab 时可能导致资源管理器.exe崩溃的问题。
  • 修复了 Alt + Tab 中的键盘焦点轮廓有时小于显示的缩略图的问题。
  • 解决了从屏幕两侧使用触摸手势时导致崩溃的根本 DWM 问题。
  • 修复了旋转屏幕时 DWM 崩溃的问题。
  • 缓解了在某些情况下,在调整两个并排贴靠的应用时导致某些滞后的问题。
  • 修复了如果初始窗口不适合所选区域大小,快照助手可能会意外关闭的问题。现在,当初始捕捉窗口的最小窗口大小大于所选区域时,我们将相应地调整捕捉辅助区域的大小。
  • 如果通过触摸调用任务视图,则关闭按钮不应再与窗口标题重叠。
  • 将鼠标悬停在带有桌面名称的工具提示上,将不再意外地使“桌面”浮出控件关闭。
  • 使用拖放操作通过“桌面”浮出控件对桌面重新排序不应再将移动的桌面的缩略图卡在屏幕上。


  • 修复了影响语音访问可靠性的崩溃。
  • 解决了阻止语音访问的语音模型正确下载的问题。


  • 解决了导致实时字幕显示下载错误的潜在问题,即使下载实际上已成功完成也是如此。
  • 实时字幕现在将记住您为跨会话的位置选择的设置。
  • 缓解了实时字幕位置在进入全屏时更改为浮动,但设置错误地显示最后一个位置的问题。
  • 删除了有关多个应用中播放音频的实时字幕通知,因为它在使用过程中反复弹出。
  • 实时字幕窗口的边框现在将与对比主题中所有其他边框的样式相匹配。


  • 我们修复了导致自然声音在最近的版本中偶尔中断的问题。
  • “讲述人”现在将读出“分钟”一词,其中包含焦点选项的“设置”中列出的持续时间。
  • 修复了导致“讲述人”在扫描模式下错误地读取对话框按钮的问题。


  • 从 UWP 应用图标中删除的背板(彩色方块)显示在任务管理器中。
  • 缓解了“视图”按钮的一侧似乎未执行任何操作的问题。
  • 修复了导致实时更新速度自行设置为“暂停”的问题。请注意,如果您受到此影响,则需要进行一次性更改,以便在升级到此版本后将设置设置回您的首选更新速度。


  • 缓解了在启用了自动 HDR 的情况下玩某些全屏游戏时导致屏幕变黑(尽管可交互)的问题。
  • 修复了连接设备平台用户服务中的内存泄漏。
  • 使用硬件键时获得的音量和亮度浮出控件将不再在其顶部显示焦点窗口轮廓。
  • 如果在受支持的应用未运行时按下 WIN + Alt + K,则显示的弹出文本现在将显示“没有支持的应用用于麦克风静音”,而不是“麦克风静音不可用”,因此它更清晰。
  • 解决了在激活 conhost.exe时导致事件查看器中显示意外错误的问题。

注意:此处在活动开发分支的预览体验计划预览版中指出的一些修复可能会进入 10 月 5 日正式发布的 Windows 11 版本的服务更新中, 2021.



  • 我们不会在联想PC上向中国的Windows Insiders提供新版本。
  • 运行 Windows 10 的 Windows 预览体验成员加入开发或 Beta 频道以获取最新版本,可能会在尝试下载最新版本时遇到下载错误代码0xc8000402。作为解决方法,请先加入发布预览频道,从那里安装 Windows 11(内部版本 22000.xxxx),然后切换到开发版或 Beta 版以接收最新的预览体验计划预览版。此问题是可以理解的,并将在即将发布的版本中修复。
  • 我们正在调查有关一些预览体验成员遇到以下问题的报告:资源管理器.exe在最新版本中的循环中反复崩溃,无法成功加载。此版本包括一个缓解措施,可能会帮助一些遇到此问题的内部人士。
  • 打开组策略编辑器时,将弹出管理模板错误。单击“确定”以关闭并继续正常使用组策略编辑器。
  • 在此版本中,使用 Windows 信息保护(以前称为 EDP)策略的设备将无法通过受保护的应用(如 Outlook、Word、Microsoft Edge 等)访问受控数据。建议用户暂时暂停“设置”下的更新> Windows 更新,直到发布包含修补程序的新预览体验计划预览版。如果已安装内部版本 22593,则可以回滚到以前的版本以还原预期的数据访问。


  • 在 2 合 1 设备上启动应用或在展开的任务栏外部点击后,任务栏并不总是自动折叠。
  • 操作系统的某些区域尚未跟踪 2 合 1 设备上扩展任务栏的高度,因此您可能会看到重叠的组件。
  • 我们正在努力修复将鼠标悬停在系统托盘中的某些应用图标上不显示预览或工具提示的问题。
  • [添加于4/7]我们正在努力解决某些鼠标移动事件未传递到系统托盘中图标的应用的问题。


  • 我们正在努力修复有关图标大小调整、视觉错误和显示 OneDrive 存储的浮出控件中的文本剪辑的问题。
  • [更新于4月11日]在文件资源管理器或桌面上使用上下文菜单选项进行重命名、复制、粘贴和删除可能会导致资源管理器.exe在上下文菜单关闭时崩溃。作为一种解决方法,如果您受到影响,则需要使用其他方法来执行所需的操作,例如,按 F2 重命名选定的文件或文件夹。


  • 从屏幕侧面使用手势时,小部件板可能无法成功打开。如果您受到影响,请暂时点击任务栏中的“小部件”图标。


  • 我们正在调查之前某些VPN连接时互联网连接问题的报告。


  • 某些全屏应用(例如视频播放器)会阻止实时字幕可见。
  • 某些位于屏幕顶部附近且在运行实时字幕之前关闭的应用将在位于顶部的实时字幕窗口后面重新启动。在应用具有焦点时使用系统菜单(ALT + 空格键)可将应用的窗口进一步下移。
  • 当实时字幕位于顶部时,无法通过触摸访问最大化应用的最顶部(例如,标题栏窗口管理按钮)。


您可以在 下载最新的 Windows 预览体验计划 SDK。

SDK NuGet 包现在也在 NuGet 库中进行外部测试|WindowsSDK,其中包括:

这些 NuGet 包提供对 SDK 的更精细访问,并更好地集成到 CI/CD 管道中。

关于 Dev & Beta 频道 [已更新!]

提醒一下,我们正在改进开发和发布给预览体验成员的方式,开发和 Beta 渠道现在代表了我们工程师的并行开发路径。开发者频道将是一个我们将尝试不同概念,孵化新想法以及处理可能无法发布给普通客户的长线索项目的地方。Beta 版渠道将是我们预览体验的地方,这些体验更接近我们将向普通客户交付的体验。但是,这并不意味着我们在 Beta 版频道中试用的每个功能都将发布。我们鼓励预览体验成员阅读上个月的这篇博客文章,其中概述了我们将在开发和 Beta 渠道中与预览体验成员一起尝试的方式。

现在,Dev 和 Beta 版频道正在接收相同的内部版本,因此,如果您希望按照以下简单步骤切换频道,则已打开有限的窗口,以便预览体验成员切换频道:

  1. Windows 预览体验计划打开 Windows 更新>设置
  2. 选择“选择预览体验成员设置”。
  3. 选择测试版频道。
  4. 下次您收到更新时,它将针对您的新频道。

重要说明:一旦我们将具有更高内部版本号的内部版本发布到开发人员频道,此窗口将关闭。如果你的设备保留在开发者频道上,并且收到的内部版本号高于测试版频道中的内部版本号,则必须在设备上对已发布版本的 Windows 11 进行全新安装才能切换到测试版频道。




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