Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572

3月14日更新:我们将开始推出累积更新内部版本 22572.201 (KB5012886)。此更新不包含任何新内容,旨在测试开发频道中内部版本的服务管道。

3/11 更新:我们将开始推出累积更新版本 22572.100 (KB5012817)。此更新不包含任何新内容,旨在测试开发频道中内部版本的服务管道。

UPDATE 3/14: We are starting to roll out Cumulative Update Build 22572.201 (KB5012886). This update does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev Channel.

UPDATE 3/11: We are starting to roll out Cumulative Update Build 22572.100 (KB5012817). This update does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev Channel.

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572 to the Dev Channel.


  • 该版本包括将Microsoft Family和Clipchamp添加为收件箱应用程序 – 请参阅下面有关这两个应用程序的详细信息。
  • 从下周初开始,我们将开始推出 Windows 11 中搜索的更新,称为搜索亮点,它将突出显示你周围世界和组织中的有趣时刻。
  • 此版本具有一组很好的改进和修复,因此请查看下面的列表。
  • Windows Insiders可以试用新的Microsoft Defender预览版(英语和美国版仅适用于预览版)。
  • 我们宣布了2022年3月的Bug Bash – 从3月16日到3月22日!
  • The build includes the addition of Microsoft Family and Clipchamp as inbox apps – see details for these two apps below.
  • Starting early next week, we’ll begin rolling out an update for Search in Windows 11 called search highlights that will highlight interesting moments in time from the world around you and in your organization.
  • This build has a good set of improvements and fixes so check the list out below.
  • Windows Insiders can try out the new Microsoft Defender preview (English and U.S. only for the preview).
  • We’re announcing the March 2022 Bug Bash – running March 16th to March 22nd!

What’s new in Build 22572

Microsoft Family is now an inbox app:

Microsoft Family 现在是一个收件箱应用:

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记

The family safety features you use on web and mobile are now available on Windows 11 starting with this build with the Microsoft Family app. Set parental controls to filter inappropriate apps and games and set browsing to kid-friendly websites for Microsoft Edge. Help your kids balance their screen time activity on Windows, Xbox, and Android and use activity reporting to better understand your family’s digital activity. Stay connected even when you’re apart with family location tracking.

你在 Web 和移动设备上使用的家庭安全功能现已在 Windows 11 上可用,从此内部版本开始使用 Microsoft 家庭应用。设置家长控制以筛选不适当的应用和游戏,并将浏览设置为适用于 Microsoft Edge 的儿童友好网站。帮助你的孩子平衡他们在 Windows、Xbox 和 Android 上的屏幕时间活动,并使用活动报告来更好地了解你家人的数字活动。即使你们分开了,也要通过家庭位置跟踪保持联系。

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记

The Microsoft Family app for Windows 11.The Microsoft Family app will only be an inbox app on the Windows 11 Home edition and will be updated via the Microsoft Store. Windows Insiders who are on Windows 11 Pro can go to Settings > Accounts > Family and download the Microsoft Family app from the Store. Let us know what you’d like to see in these updates to help you better care for and empower your family!

适用于Windows 11的Microsoft Family应用程序Microsoft Family应用程序将只是Windows 11家庭版上的收件箱应用程序,并将通过Microsoft Store进行更新。使用 Windows 11 专业版的 Windows 预览体验成员可以转到”设置”>”帐户>家庭”,然后从应用商店下载 Microsoft 家庭应用。让我们知道您希望在这些更新中看到什么,以帮助您更好地照顾和增强您的家人的能力!

FEEDBACK: Please file feedback by clicking in the feedback icon in the top header of the app.

Clipchamp is now an inbox app:

Clipchamp 现在是一个收件箱应用程序:

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记

Clipchamp is our new video editor focused on making video creation easy, fast, and fun. Clipchamp is equipped with all the basic tools you’d expect, like trimming and splitting, as well as more pro-style features like transitions and animated text. For real-time content capture, there are also built-in webcam and screen recorders.


Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记
Clipchamp’s video editing experience with the timeline.

But what really sets Clipchamp apart from other video editors is its timeline. Normally, this is an interface reserved for pros because it offers more control (and complication) than the everyday editor can handle. When it comes to Clipchamp, however, things are delightfully different. We’ve kept all the best parts of timeline editing — the flexibility, the ability to fine tune details — and done away with the rest. The result is a refreshingly simple video editing experience anyone can enjoy.

但真正使Clipchamp与其他视频编辑器区分开来的是它的时间线。通常,这是为专业人士保留的界面,因为它提供了比日常编辑器可以处理的更多的控制(和复杂性)。然而,当谈到Clipchamp时,事情却令人愉快地不同。我们保留了时间轴编辑的所有最佳部分 – 灵活性,微调细节的能力 – 并取消了其余部分。结果是任何人都可以享受的令人耳目一新的简单视频编辑体验。

The highlights don’t stop there — in Clipchamp, users will discover more unique offerings, like a stock library filled with more than a million royalty-free videos, audio tracks, and images that can be added to videos. There’s even an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator capable of creating voice overs in more than 70 languages. And, speaking of Microsoft integrations, Clipchamp also connects with OneDrive, meaning you can import files and save videos quickly and securely.

亮点并不止于此 – 在Clipchamp中,用户将发现更多独特的产品,例如一个库存库,其中包含超过一百万个免版税视频,音轨和可以添加到视频中的图像。甚至还有一个 Azure 支持的文本到语音转换生成器,能够以 70 多种语言创建语音。而且,说到Microsoft集成,Clipchamp还与OneDrive连接,这意味着您可以快速安全地导入文件并保存视频。

To start creating your own videos, look for Clipchamp in the Start menu on your PC.


FEEDBACK: Please file feedback in Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Apps > Clipchamp.

Coming Soon

Search highlights in Windows 11

Starting early next week, we will begin rolling out an update for Search in Windows 11 that highlights interesting moments in time. Search is right there on your taskbar—your window to discover what’s trending online, in the world, and in your organization. Of course, you can still type to start searching for your apps, files, settings, and quick answers on the web.

从下周初开始,我们将开始在Windows 11中推出搜索更新,以突出显示有趣的时刻。搜索就在任务栏上,这是一个窗口,用于发现在线、世界和组织中的趋势。当然,您仍然可以键入以开始在 Web 上搜索您的应用、文件、设置和快速答案。

The search box in Start and Search will periodically update with content, including fun illustrations, that help you discover more, be connected, and stay productive. These hints in the search box give you a sneak peek into what to expect in search home.


Search highlights will present notable and interesting moments—like holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments in time both globally and in your region. You’ll find rich, bold content in search home that highlights what’s special about today.


Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记
Search on the taskbar showing an updated experience for Earth Day. Includes relevant content and illustration in the search box and content relevant to Earth Day in search home.


To dig deeper, you can explore additional content in search home related to today’s moment and daily content like word of the day, Microsoft Rewards offers, trending searches, and more. Each day features something different to learn about! The left side of search home also shows an extended list of your recently launched apps, files, settings, and websites to help you get back to what you were doing last.

若要深入挖掘,你可以在搜索主页中浏览与当前时刻和每日内容相关的其他内容,如每日字词、Microsoft 奖励产品/服务、热门搜索等。每天都有不同的东西需要学习!搜索主页的左侧还显示最近启动的应用、文件、设置和网站的扩展列表,以帮助你返回到上次执行的操作。

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记
Search on the taskbar showing an updated experience for an organization, Contoso. Includes relevant content and illustration in the search box and the organization’s people chart in search home.

Signing in with your work or school account enables Search to be your one-stop-shop for your organization’s files and contacts through Microsoft Search. Search highlights will feature the latest updates from your organization and suggested people, files, and more. Explore files that may be of interest to you or browse through your organization’s people chart. As always, just start typing to find everything related to your organization, right at your fingertips using Search.

使用你的工作或学校帐户登录使搜索成为你通过 Microsoft 搜索获取组织文件和联系人的一站式商店。搜索亮点将包含来自组织的最新更新以及建议的人员、文件等。浏览您可能感兴趣的文件或浏览组织的人员图表。与往常一样,只需开始键入即可使用”搜索”轻松找到与组织相关的所有内容。

You have control over the search highlights experience where if you prefer not to see this, you can turn it off or back on in Settings > Privacy & security > Search settings and toggling “Show search highlights”. For organization administrators, there are additional controls available in the M365 admin center. You can learn more about those policies here: Policy CSP – Search.

使用你的工作或学校帐户登录使搜索成为你通过 Microsoft 搜索获取组织文件和联系人的一站式商店。搜索亮点将包含来自组织的最新更新以及建议的人员、文件等。浏览您可能感兴趣的文件或浏览组织的人员图表。与往常一样,只需开始键入即可使用”搜索”轻松找到与组织相关的所有内容。

Search highlights is also coming to the Windows 10 search box where you’ll be able to get the same updates in the search box and search home. Stay tuned for more information in an upcoming blog post when we begin trying out this experience with Insiders on Windows 10 in the Release Preview Channel.

搜索亮点也即将进入Windows 10搜索框,您可以在其中获得搜索框和搜索主页的相同更新。请继续关注即将发布的博客文章中的详细信息,我们将在发布预览频道中开始在 Windows 10 上使用预览体验成员试用此体验。

This feature will begin rolling out early next week and won’t be available to all Insiders right away as we plan to monitor feedback and see how it lands before pushing it out to everyone.


FEEDBACK: Please file feedback in Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Desktop Environment > Search.

Changes and Improvements


  • The new Print Queue has an updated design to align with Windows 11 design principles, allow you to easily identify your desired print job, see the status, and manage it. The feature is designed with simplicity in mind, and to allow you better access to your print jobs. To get started, just click print and watch the Print Queue pop up.
  • 新的打印队列具有更新的设计,以符合 Windows 11 设计原则,使你能够轻松识别所需的打印作业、查看状态并对其进行管理。该功能在设计时考虑了简单性,并允许您更好地访问打印作业。要开始使用,只需单击”打印”并观看”打印队列”弹出。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记
A print job showing in the new Print Queue in dark theme.
  • Quick Assist now has a new Fluent-style icon.
  • “快速助手”现在有一个新的 Fluent 样式图标。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记


  • Building off the Focus changes announced in Build 22557, we have updated the icon for Notification Center when do not disturb is set to on.
  • 在 Build 22557 中宣布的焦点更改的基础上,我们更新了”请勿打扰”设置为”打开时通知中心”的图标。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记

[File Explorer]

  • Shift + Right-clicking in File Explorer and the Desktop will now open the “Show more options” context menu.
  • 在文件资源管理器中按住 Shift 键 + 右键单击,桌面现在将打开”显示更多选项”上下文菜单。


  • Narrator natural voices are now available for all English languages.
  • “讲述人”自然语音现在可用于所有英语语言


  • Windows Terminal is now called Terminal under Start.
  • Windows Terminal 现在在”开始”下称为”终端”。


  • WMIC is now available as an optional feature that can be uninstalled or reinstalled via Settings > Apps > Optional Features.
  • WMIC 现在可作为可选功能提供,可通过“应用程序”>”设置”卸载或重新安装,>可选功能
  • Switched the touch keyboard icon option under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar from being a toggle to now being a dropdown where you can select Never, Always, or When no keyboard attached.
  • 已将“设置”下的触摸键盘图标选项切换>个性化>任务栏从切换开关切换到现在的下拉列表,您可以在其中选择”从不”、”始终”或”未连接键盘时”。

[Windows Sandbox]

  • Windows Sandbox now has a new Fluent-style icon.
  • Windows Sandbox 现在有一个新的 Fluent 样式图标。
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记


  • The legacy version of Windows Media Player available in Windows Tools has been renamed to Windows Media Player Legacy.
  • Windows Tools 中提供的 Windows Media Player 的旧版已重命名为 Windows Media Player Legacy。



  • Fixed an issue for Enterprise edition devices going through the setup experience (OOBE) where the network add screen was skipped on the first attempt.
  • Addressed an issue which was causing some Insiders to see a bugcheck with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error in the previous build while attempting to do various things including logging in, opening Outlook, and accessing network shares in File Explorer.
  • Mitigated an underlying issue that was leading to audio stutters and touchpad issues in the previous flight.
  • Addressed an explorer.exe crash Insiders were seeing in recent builds when attempting to use Windows Mixed Reality.
  • Fixed an issue with scroll bars not rendering appropriately on some Win32 applications.
  • Fixed another issue where users weren’t hearing the startup sound.
  • Images should no longer be backwards when using a lock screen slideshow with an Arabic or Hebrew display language.
  • 修复了企业版设备在体验安装体验 (OOBE) 中首次尝试时跳过网络添加屏幕的问题。
  • 解决了导致某些预览体验成员在尝试执行各种操作(包括登录、打开 Outlook 和访问文件资源管理器中的网络共享)时,在上一个版本中看到带有CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED错误的错误检查的问题。
  • 缓解了在上一个版本测试中导致音频卡顿和触摸板问题的潜在问题。
  • 解决了资源管理器.exe内部人员在尝试使用 Windows 混合现实时在最近的版本中看到的崩溃问题。
  • 修复了滚动条在某些 Win32 应用程序上无法正确呈现的问题。
  • 修复了用户未听到启动声音的另一个问题。
  • 使用带有阿拉伯语或希伯来语显示语言的锁屏界面幻灯片时,图像不应再向后显示。


  • We fixed the issue that was causing explorer.exe to crash if you right clicked on the Start button or used WIN + X.
  • Mitigated an explorer.exe hang that could happen in the last few flights related to the visual indicator in the taskbar when sharing a window in Microsoft Teams.
  • Adjusted the sensitivity so quickly sliding your mouse across the widgets icon on the path to an open flyout or menu will no longer make it dismiss.
  • Made a change to help address a memory leak in Shell Experience Host when repeatedly opening and closing the Notification Center.
  • Addressed a scenario where the Notification Center might not light dismiss if it was opened on top of certain apps.
  • Fixed an underlying issue when the display scaling was greater than 100% which was causing drag and drop in the taskbar to unexpectedly show that it wasn’t available.
  • 我们修复了导致资源管理器.exe崩溃的问题,如果你右键单击”开始”按钮或使用WIN + X。
  • 缓解了资源管理器.exe挂起,在 Microsoft 团队中共享窗口时,与任务栏中的视觉指示器相关的最后几个飞行中可能发生挂起。
  • 调整了灵敏度,因此快速将鼠标滑过打开的浮出控件或菜单路径上的小部件图标将不再使其关闭。
  • 进行了更改,以帮助解决重复打开和关闭通知中心时外壳体验主机中的内存泄漏问题。
  • 解决了以下情况:如果通知中心在某些应用顶部打开,则通知中心可能不会关闭。
  • 修复了显示缩放大于 100% 时的潜在问题,该问题导致任务栏中的拖放操作意外显示其不可用。

[Tablet-optimized taskbar]

NOTE: These fixes will only show if tablet-optimized taskbar is enabled on your device, which is beginning to roll out to Windows Insiders and not yet available for everyone.

  • Touch gestures are restored on all device types, as we resolved the issue that broke several of the new touch gestures announced as part of Build 22557 on non-tablet devices.
  • Improved reliability of taskbar auto-collapsing after launching an app.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the taskbar state change when disconnecting or reconnecting your keyboard.
  • Addressed positioning issues with the hidden icons button and flyout when using the Arabic or Hebrew display language.

注意:仅当在你的设备上启用了平板电脑优化的任务栏时,才会显示这些修补程序,该任务栏已开始推广到 Windows 预览体验成员,但尚未可供所有人使用。

  • 触摸手势在所有设备类型上都会恢复,因为我们解决了在非平板电脑设备上作为 Build 22557 的一部分宣布的几个新触摸手势中断的问题。
  • 改进了启动应用后任务栏自动折叠的可靠性。
  • 修复了与断开或重新连接键盘时任务栏状态更改相关的几个错误。
  • 解决了使用阿拉伯语或希伯来语显示语言时隐藏图标按钮和浮出控件的定位问题。

[Start menu]

  • Improved how the “Pinned” header name is rendered in the Arabic display language.
  • 改进了”固定”标头名称以阿拉伯语显示语言呈现的方式。

[File Explorer]

  • Made some more improvements to help with context menu invocation performance.
  • Using the Filter option in Quick Access should work for images now.
  • Fixed an underlying issue causing the title bar in File Explorer when colored to not visually occupy the full area it was supposed if you maximized the File Explorer window.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had a folder selected in the navigation pane and right clicked another folder, options like Open in Windows Terminal would unexpectedly open the first folder.
  • “Pin to Quick Access” is now available in the command bar when a file in Recent Files in Quick Access is selected.
  • 进行了更多改进,以帮助提高上下文菜单调用性能。
  • 现在,使用”快速访问”中的”筛选器”选项应该适用于图像。
  • 修复了一个根本问题,即在文件资源管理器中,当颜色显示时,标题栏在视觉上不会占据整个区域,而该文件资源管理器窗口应最大化。
  • 修复了在导航窗格中选择了一个文件夹并右键单击另一个文件夹的问题,在 Windows 终端中打开等选项会意外打开第一个文件夹。
  • “固定到快速访问”现在在快速访问中的”最近打开的文件”中处于选中状态时,命令栏中可用。


  • Mitigated an issue where clicking hyperlinks in RichTextBlocks wasn’t working when performed with touch or pen.
  • Addressed an issue where custom mouse pointers might revert to the default Windows one after rebooting.
  • Fixed an issue where voice typing might display “there is a connection issue” when that wasn’t the cause of the error.
  • Addressed an issue where voice typing might not launch after unlocking your PC.
  • Fixed a touch keyboard crash that could happen on the login screen when there were multiple accounts on the PC.
  • Mitigated an issue impacting pen sensitivity in recent flights.
  • Fixed a rendering issue causing the screen to have small freezes in recent flights when trying to ink in certain apps.
  • Made some refinements to help improve detection of the pinch to zoom gesture on touchpads.
  • Addressed an issue leading to IME toolbar options being unresponsive in some cases for the Chinese (Simplified) IMEs.
  • 缓解了使用触摸或笔执行时单击 RichTextBlocks 中的超链接不起作用的问题。
  • 解决了重新启动后自定义鼠标指针可能恢复为默认 Windows 指针的问题。
  • 修复了语音键入可能显示”存在连接问题”的问题,而这不是错误的原因。
  • 解决了解锁电脑后语音键入可能无法启动的问题。
  • 修复了当电脑上有多个帐户时登录屏幕上可能发生的触摸键盘崩溃问题。
  • 缓解了在最近飞行中影响触控笔灵敏度的问题。
  • 修复了在尝试在某些应用中墨迹时导致屏幕在最近的飞行中出现小幅冻结的渲染问题。
  • 进行了一些改进,以帮助改进对触摸板上的捏合缩放手势的检测。
  • 解决了在某些情况下导致中文(简体)IME IME 的 IME 工具栏选项无响应的问题。


  • Did some work to address a high hitting search crash.
  • 做了一些工作来解决高命中率的搜索崩溃。


  • Fixed an issue causing a hang when trying to access Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors.
  • Addressed an issue where font previews under Personalization > Fonts might not be visible when a contrast mode was enabled.
  • Improved performance when switching between the different available views on Apps > Installed apps.
  • Uninstalling an update via Windows Update > Update History > Uninstall Updates should show a confirmation now before it proceeds.
  • 修复了在尝试访问个性化>任务栏>任务栏行为时导致挂起的问题。
  • 解决了启用对比模式时,个性化>字体下的字体预览可能不可见的问题。
  • 改进了在“应用”>已安装应用的不同可用视图之间切换时的性能。
  • 通过 Windows 更新卸载更新>更新历史记录>卸载更新应在继续之前立即显示确认。


  • An acrylic area should no longer get stuck on the screen if you press WIN + D while interacting with snap layouts at the top of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if you used snap assist to snap a window that had been minimized, it might not fill the entire available space.
  • Fixed a few animation stutters when using 3-finger on screen gestures.
  • Addressed an explorer.exe crash that could happen if you attempted to use 3-finger on screen gestures while no windows were visible on screen.
  • Addressed an underlying issue which could impact the animations and performance when invoking Task View.
  • Mitigated an underlying issue which was causing you to unexpectedly see an X when attempting to rearrange Desktops in Task View in certain scenarios.
  • Tweaked the logic to help further reduce the number of sounds heard when connecting and disconnecting monitors and docks.
  • Mitigated a recent issue where windows for minimized apps weren’t launching on the expected monitor upon undocking and redocking.
  • The title bar should no longer peek out onto secondary monitors when maximizing certain apps.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing certain windows to show an unexpected white rectangle poking out from underneath, spanning the top of the window.
  • Updated the new full screen gripper for edge gestures to use acrylic.
  • 如果在与屏幕顶部的对齐布局交互时按 WIN + D,则丙烯酸区域不应再卡在屏幕上。
  • 修复了以下问题:如果使用”贴靠辅助”来贴靠已最小化的窗口,则可能无法填满整个可用空间。
  • 修复了在屏幕上使用 3 指手势时出现一些动画卡顿的问题。
  • 解决了浏览器.exe崩溃的问题,如果您尝试在屏幕上不可见任何窗口的情况下尝试在屏幕上使用三指手势,则可能发生崩溃。
  • 解决了在调用任务视图时可能影响动画和性能的潜在问题。
  • 缓解了导致您在某些情况下尝试重新排列任务视图中的桌面时意外看到 X 的根本问题。
  • 调整了逻辑,以帮助进一步减少连接和断开显示器和坞站时听到的声音数量。
  • 缓解了最近出现的问题,即最小化应用的窗口在取消停靠和重新停靠时未在预期的监视器上启动。
  • 在最大化某些应用时,标题栏不应再向辅助监视器显示。
  • 修复了导致某些窗口显示一个意外的白色矩形的问题,该矩形从窗口底部弹出,横跨窗口顶部。
  • 更新了用于边缘手势的新全屏控制手柄,以使用丙烯酸。


  • Fixed an issue preventing Narrator from reading in the Run dialog correctly in scan mode.
  • Narrator in scan mode will now read error messages in the Error List correctly in Visual Studio.
  • Errors while setting up a PIN in device setup (OOBE) will now be read out by Narrator.
  • Pitch range for Narrator natural voices has been adjusted to provide more levels of control.
  • Addressed an underlying issue which was leading to the pitch not changing when adjust Narrator’s speed in the 0 to 5 and 15 to 20 ranges in Narrator settings.
  • 修复了阻止”讲述人”在扫描模式下正确读取”运行”对话框中的内容。
  • 扫描模式下的”讲述人”现在可以在 Visual Studio 中正确读取”错误列表”中的错误消息。
  • 在设备设置 (OOBE) 中设置 PIN 时出错,现在将由”讲述人”读出。
  • “讲述人”自然语音的音高范围已调整,以提供更高级别的控制。
  • 解决了在”讲述人”设置中将”讲述人”的速度调整为 0 到 5 和 15 到 20 范围时导致音高不变的潜在问题。

[Task Manager]

  • Improved visibility of content when a contrast mode is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where critical system processes were unexpectedly displaying as background processes.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing random rows in the processes list to be unexpectedly written in black text when using dark mode.
  • Right clicking the Task Manager icon in the system tray should now actually show the context menu rather than a blank box.
  • Pressing Esc should no longer unexpectedly close Task Manager.

NOTE: Some fixes noted here in Insider Preview builds from the active development branch may make their way into the servicing updates for the released version of Windows 11 that became generally available on October 5th, 2021.

  • 提高了启用对比度模式时内容的可见性。
  • 修复了关键系统进程意外显示为后台进程的问题。
  • 解决了在使用深色模式时导致进程列表中的随机行意外以黑色文本写入的问题。
  • 右键单击系统托盘中的”任务管理器”图标现在实际上应该显示上下文菜单,而不是空白框。
  • 按 Esc 不应再意外关闭任务管理器。

注意:活动开发分支的预览体验计划预览版中此处指出的某些修复可能会进入 2021 年 10 月 5 日正式发布的 Windows 11 版本的服务更新中。

Known issues


  • Users running Windows 10 who try to upgrade directly to build 22563 or higher in the Dev Channel may encounter an install failure with error code 0x8007007f. To bypass, please join the Beta Channel, install the offered Windows 11 build there, and then switch to the Dev Channel to receive the current Dev Channel update. This issue is understood and will be fixed in an upcoming build.

[Tablet-optimized taskbar]

  • The taskbar doesn’t always automatically collapse after launching an app or tapping outside of the expanded taskbar on 2-in-1 devices.
  • Some areas of the OS are not yet tracking the height of the expanded taskbar on 2-in-1 devices so you may see overlapping components, such as Widgets overlapping with the taskbar.

[File Explorer]

  • Opening suggested results shown while entering search terms in File Explorer’s search box may not work.
  • We’re working fixing issues regarding icon sizing, visual bugs, and text clipping in the flyout showing OneDrive storage.


  • Sometimes when pinning from the Feed, the pinned widget is placed at the top instead of below other pinned widgets. If this happens this will autocorrect within 30 minutes, moving the recently pinned widget to the expected default location. Or you can sign out of your Widgets board and immediately signing back in should correct the problem.
  • After rearranging widgets in the widgets board, some users experience problems with widgets in the pinned section rendering incorrectly. If this happens, signing out of your widgets board and immediately signing back in should correct the problem.


  • The Clock app does not yet update Windows Focus state when configuring focus sessions within the app. This will be addressed in a future app update.


  • Narrator natural voices sounds garbled and will not read out text accurately. This happens when doing quick navigation, typing or pitch changes. As a workaround, you can switch back to the older voices such as Microsoft David, Mark or Zira.

[Live captions]

  • Certain apps in full screen (e.g., video players) prevent live captions from being visible.
  • Certain apps positioned near the top of the screen and closed before live captions is run will re-launch behind the live captions window positioned at top. Use the system menu (ALT + Spacebar) while the app has focus to move the app’s window further down.
  • The very top of maximized apps (e.g., title bar window management buttons) can’t be reached with touch while live captions is positioned at the top.

[Task Manager]

  • Some tooltips do not accurately display the preferred visual setting when Task Manager is configured for dark mode.

For developers

You can download the latest Windows Insider SDK at

SDK NuGet packages are now also flighting at NuGet Gallery | WindowsSDK which include:

These NuGet packages provide more granular access to the SDK and better integrate in CI/CD pipelines.

Microsoft Defender is now in preview (U.S. only)

Windows Insiders can download and preview Microsoft Defender, a new Windows, Android, and iOS app that helps protect you and your family’s data and devices against online threats. Key to Microsoft Defender is the ability to view and manage your online security in one central dashboard view, across your devices, and your family member’s devices. Plus get added malware and phishing protections on your mobile devices. The ability to view your family’s devices is currently only available in the Windows app. The Microsoft Defender preview is available in English and U.S. only for the preview.

Windows 预览体验成员可以下载和预览 Microsoft Defender,这是一款新的 Windows、Android 和 iOS 应用,可帮助保护你和你家人的数据和设备免受在线威胁。Microsoft Defender 的关键是能够在一个中央仪表板视图中跨你的设备和家庭成员的设备查看和管理你的在线安全性。此外,您还可以在移动设备上获得额外的恶意软件和网络钓鱼防护。查看家庭设备的功能目前仅在 Windows 应用中可用。Microsoft Defender 预览版仅提供英语版和美国版,仅适用于预览版。

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572宣布推出 Windows 11 预览体验计划预览版 22572-LaokNas网络技术笔记
The Microsoft Defender preview on a Windows 11 PC and Android phone.

This preview is a standalone preview separate from Windows 11 and Insider Preview builds such as Build 22572.

Announcing the March 2022 Bug Bash

From March 16th to March 22nd, we will be having a Bug Bash covering our latest Insider Preview builds – keep an eye on the Feedback Hub under the Announcements section where we will be posting more details closer to the date. Insiders who participate in the Bug Bash by completing Quests and filing feedback during this time will be awarded a Bug Bash badge in Feedback Hub.

About the Dev Channel [Updated!]

The Dev Channel receives builds that represent long lead work from our engineers with features and experiences that may never get released as we try out different concepts and get feedback. It is important to remember that the builds we release to the Dev Channel should not be seen as matched to any specific release of Windows and the features included may change over time, be removed, or replaced in Insider builds or may never be released beyond Windows Insiders to general customers. For more information, please read this blog post about how we plan to use the Dev Channel to incubate new ideas, work on long lead items, and control the states of individual features.

These aren’t always stable builds, and sometimes you will see issues that block key activities or require workarounds. It is important to make sure you read the known issues listed in our blog posts as we document many of these issues with each flight.

Build numbers are higher in the Dev Channel than the Windows 11 preview builds in the Beta and Release Preview Channels. You will not be able to switch from the Dev Channel to the Beta or Release Preview Channels without doing a clean install back to the released version of Windows 11 currently.

The desktop watermark you see at the lower right corner of your desktop is normal for these pre-release builds.

Important Insider Links

Amanda & Brandon

EDITOR’S NOTE: Added clarifying text regarding the Microsoft Defender preview.

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