3GPP 5G NR-LaokNas网络技术笔记

3GPP 5G NR-LaokNas网络技术笔记

5G 网络运营商 (Rel-15)

在2017年底首次交付”非独立”(NSA)NR新的5G无线电规范之后,2018年将大部分精力集中在及时完成3GPP Release 15(第一套完整的5G标准)上,并努力通过3GPP提交IMT-2020的第一个里程碑。

虽然最初的规范使集成在上一代LTE网络中的非独立5G无线电系统成为可能,但Release 15的范围扩大到涵盖”独立”5G,新的无线电系统由下一代核心网络补充。它还包括对LTE的增强,并隐含地包含演进分组核心网(EPC)。这一关键路点使供应商能够在2019年期间在芯片设计和初始网络实施方面取得快速进展。

随着Release 15的工作已经成熟并接近完成,该小组的重点现在正转移到Release 16的第一阶段,通常非正式地称为”5G阶段2″。截至年底,与第16版相关的83项研究以及另外13项与Rel-17相关的研究正在进行中,涵盖多媒体优先服务,车联网(V2X)应用层服务,5G卫星接入,5G局域网支持,5G无线和有线融合,终端定位和定位,垂直领域的通信以及网络自动化和新型无线电技术等各种主题。在安全性,编解码器和流媒体服务,LAN互通,网络切片和物联网方面启动或推进了进一步的研究。

其他活动的重点是扩大3GPP技术对非地面无线电接入系统的适用性 – 从卫星和机载基站到海上应用,包括船到岸和船对船通信。LTE的新专业移动无线电(PMR)功能的工作也取得了进展,增强了最初使用GSM无线电技术开发的面向铁路的服务,该技术现已接近其使用寿命。

Specification Numbering

All 3GPP specifications have a specification number consisting of 4 or 5 digits. (e.g. 09.02 or 29.002).

The first two digits define the series, followed by 2 further digits for the 01 to 13 series or 3 further digits for the 21 to 55 series.

The full title, specification number and latest version for every specification can be found in the 3GPP Specification Status Report.

The links in the table below will take you to listings of the spefifications and reports in each series.

Subject of specification series3G and beyond / GSM (R99 and later)GSM only (Rel-4 and later)GSM only (before Rel-4)
General information (not used)  00 series
Requirements21 series41 series01 series
Service aspects (“stage 1”)22 series42 series02 series
Technical realization (“stage 2”)23 series43 series03 series
Signalling protocols (“stage 3”) – user equipment to network24 series44 series04 series
Radio aspects25 series45 series05 series
CODECs26 series46 series06 series
Data27 series47 series (none exists)07 series
Signalling protocols (“stage 3”) -(RSS-CN) and OAM&P and Charging (overflow from 32.- range)28 series48 series08 series
Signalling protocols (“stage 3”) – intra-fixed-network29 series49 series09 series
Programme management30 series50 series10 series
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM / USIM), IC Cards. Test specs.31 series51 series11 series
OAM&P and Charging32 series52 series12 series
Access requirements and test specifications 13 series (1)13 series (1)
Security aspects33 series(2)(2)
UE and (U)SIM test specifications34 series(2)11 series
Security algorithms (3)35 series55 series(4)
LTE (Evolved UTRA), LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro radio technology36 series
Multiple radio access technology aspects37 series
Radio technology beyond LTE38 series

You can get a full list of specifications with the full title, specification number and latest version number (click on spectacles2) in the 3GPP Portal ‘Specifications‘ section.

There is also a  3GPP Specification Release version matrix in the form of a list of Specification numbers available. The matrix contains the document number, the Title, the Specification Group responsible and a record of the various Release versions for every specification. 

  • Note (1): The 13 series GSM specifications relate to European-Union-specific regulatory standards. On the closure of ETSI TC SMG, responsibility for these specifications was transferred to ETSI TC MSG, (Mobile Specification Group) and they do not appear on the 3GPP file server.
  • Note (2): The specifications of these aspects are spread throughout several series.
  • Note (3): Algorithms may be subject to export licensing conditions. See the relevant 3GPP page. See also the relevant ETSI pages.
  • Note (4): The original GSM algorithms are not published and are controlled by the GSM Association.

Technical Reports are of two classes:

  • Those intended to be transposed and issued by the Organizational Partners as their own publications; and
  • Those not intended for publication but which are simply 3GPP internal working documents, used, for example, for documenting planning and scheduling of work, or for holding the interim results of feasibility studies.

The first category have numbers of the form: xx.9xx

The second category have numbers of the form:
xx.8xx (feasibility study reports, etc) or, more rarely,
30.xxx / 50.xxx (planning and scheduling)
For some spec series, the stock of xx.8xx TRs has been exhausted, and in these cases, further internal TRs are allocated xx.7xx numbers.

Missing Specs: Click here to see those Specs not yet available following the most recent round of TSG meetings.

The 3GPP Specifications are stored on the file server as zipped MS-Word files. The filenames have the following structure:


where the character fields have the following significance …

S = series number – 2 characters (see the table above)
M = mantissa (the part of the spec number after the series number) – 2 or 3 characters (see above)
P = optional part number – 1 or 2 digits if present
Q = optional sub-part number – 1 or 2 digits if present
V = version number, without separating dots – 3 digits (6 digits when any component of the three-digit range has been exhausted – see the fifth example below)

So for example:

  • 21900-320.zip is 3GPP TR 21.900 version 3.2.0
  • 0408-6g0.zip is 3GPP TS 04.08 version 6.16.0
  • 32111-4-410 is 3GPP TS 32.111 part 4 version 4.1.0
  • 29998-04-1-100 is 3GPP TS 29.998 part 4 sub-part 1 version 1.0.0
  • 29898-133601 is 3GPP TR 29.898 version 13.36.1

For more precise details, see the dedicated page on this site.

Further information:

Latest version
The latest versions of the approved specifications in the “latest” directory. The latest version of draft specs (i.e. those not yet under change control) are in the “latest-drafts” directory. See also the page on version numbering.

Particular version
All older versions of specifications (where available) are stored in the archive subdirectory. All versions of all releases of a given specification are placed directly under the name of the specification.

Title or subject
If you only know the title or the subject, but not the specification number, the best place to start looking is the complete list of all 3GPP specification numbers and titles. This list also shows the most recent version in each Release.

Specs related to a particular working group
Each 3GPP TSG Working Group has a home page, which lists the specifications under its responsibility. Follow the links from here, or use the main menu item “Specification Groups”.

Official versions published by recognized Standards Development Organizations
The 3GPP Technical Specifications (and Technical Reports) which are publicly available from this site have, in themselves, no legal standing. They only become “official” when transposed into corresponding publications of the Partner Organizations. If you are looking for the official versions, see the official publications page.

Yet more information:

Work plan
The 3GPP Work plan describes the new functionality currently being elaborated in the TSG working groups. It also indicates the expected timescales for their finalization.

Releases (and phases, stages)
An introduction to the 3GPP mechanism for specifications releases can be found here.

Historical information
If you need to look for old / superseded specifications or change requests, start here.

TSG working methods
The procedures for creating, enhancing and maintaining specifications are described in TR 21.900. A presentation outlining the release and change request process can be found here.

3GPP Drafting rules
The rules for drafting specifications are described in TR 21.801.

Change Requests
The change request mechanism is used when a correction or new functionality is required for an existing specification.

Version numbering
More information on the version numbering page.

Issuing new TS/TR numbers. More information on this page.

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